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Balmar XT-DF-170-K6-KIT Alternator Kit

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The New XT-Series Alternators from Balmar bring together the latest innovations in alternator design to deliver incredible charging power in a compact, Marine-friendly package.


Mount Type: Dual Foot
Output Amperage: 170 A
Pulley Type: K6 Serpentine


Product Data Sheet


  • 170 A in a Small Case Package
  • Up to 110 A at Idle Speeds
  • Ideal for High Electrical Load Vessels
  • Custom High Speed Bearings for Long Life
  • Dual Fan Cooling, High Airflow Frame
  • USCG Title 33, ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 Certified
  • Proven to provide reliable service for many years
  • Designed and tested with the utmost safety in mind
  • Delivers reliable performance under all weather conditions


  • 1 x XT-DF-170-K6 Alternator
  • 1 x MC-614 Regulator
  • 1 x Temperature Sensors & Mounting Hardware

XT-Series Alternator family features a state-of-the-art, braided wire stator design to generate exceptional output in the smallest possible area. The XT-Series stator achieves an industry-best 85% copper windings density, compared to 70% density for hairpin stator windings and 45% density for traditional s-wound stators. This design achievement results in a more efficient alternator which provides more power at low RPM, higher overall power and cooler operation. XT-Series mounting styles are drop-in compatible for WakeBoat and other GM gasoline engine applications. Over 60% of WakeBoat run times are at idle speed. Many high current electrical loads are engaged at idle, including ballast pumps, high-output stereo systems and multiple instrumentation loads. Standard alternators only produce about 30 A-40 A at idle speed, leaving these loads to be serviced by onboard batteries. Excessive draining causes battery sulfation and reduced lifetimes. Dealers report that AGM batteries which should last 5-7 years on these vessels are being replaced annually. The XT-Series Alternator produces over 100 A at idle speed – ample power to service all electrical loads with power left over to top-off house batteries. The XT-Series pays for itself in reduced battery replacement costs in just one year. The New XT-Series Alternator family features a state-of-the-art, braided stator wire design to generate exceptional output in the smallest possible area. The XT-Series produces slightly more power than previous AT-Series 165 A design and operates 5°C-10°C cooler. In addition, Balmar’s Smart Ready® internal regulator technology to provide an additional level of fault tolerance for cruising boaters.

For over 30 years, Balmar® has been supplying DC charging products and battery monitors to help sailors and power boaters charge and monitor their batteries more efficiently. They design and manufacture the highest output and most reliable alternators in the marine industry, including their patented Smart Ready® alternator designs. Balmar offers external multi-stage regulators which provide “smart charging” of battery banks, as well as patented AltMount pulley conversion kits for serpentine belt/pulley conversions required to accommodate high power alternators. All Balmar products are assembled and tested in the ISO 9000 certified factory.

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