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Dometic GO Hydration Faucet + Jug Combo - HYDWF & HYDJ11

Dometic GO Hydration Faucet + Jug Combo - HYDWF & HYDJ11

Jug Color

Dometic’s Hydration Jug can hold just about 11 L and contains two openings: one 4-inch opening for quick filling and dispensing, and a smaller 63mm opening, which is the industry standard so you can easily connect many of the common water filtration devices.

Pouring is a breeze with the integrated and molded hand grip on the bottom of the jug, and the CPC quick-connect port allows for a seamless connection of the faucet, which includes a magnetic base that can be adhered almost anywhere you can imagine. But wait, there more for you overlanders: two of the jugs fit a standard 20L jerrycan holder!

The faucet's flow rate is 1 L per minute, and to conserve usage, it will automatically shut off after dispensing 1 L. The faucet's LED light illuminates while water is dispensing, allowing you to wash up even in the dark.

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