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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery

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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery

The plug and play EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery is engineered to expand the capacity of your ultimate power backup. The intuitive battery design neatly stacks up in a mess-free way to scale the power from a 2 day back up to 90kWh with one-month of uninterrupted power supply.


  • One-Month Backup: 6kWh for up to two-day backup, scalable to 90kWh for one-month coverage
  • Space-Saving: Stack up the system in a neat, mess-free way
  • One-Minute Setup: With a plug-and-play design

The single unit of EcoFlow's battery with its unmatched 6kWh capacity, 7200W output and 5.6W solar input can run your entire household and is efficiently designed to handle both extended outages and daily usage. 

Designed to fit garages or utility closets, this space-saving battery can keep all essentials like refrigerators, lights and other appliances up and running for over 30 days. 

A versatile battery from EcoFlow, you are spoilt with DELTA Pro Ultra's charging options. Compatible to charge with both traditional methods like Solar and grid, the futuristic EcoFlow can now power up using your gas generator or even the EV charging pile. 

Expandable capacity - Increase the capacity of DELTA Pro Ultra with an extra 6kWh.

*If you're stacking three or more battery packs, please contact customer service team to ask about getting an EcoFlow Fixing Metal Tab. This will be necessary for securely stacking your battery packs.


Dimensions 26×18×8 in (including mat)
Net Weight Battery 116.4 Ib
Battery Capacity 6144Wh, 102.4V
Grid-tied Unsupported
Standby Power Consumption <12W
Maximum Operating Altitude 9842.5ft
Warranty 5 years

What's in the Box:

1 x EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery

1 x EcoFlow Battery Connection Cable

1 x Instruction Manual

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