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EcoFlow Power Input/Output Cable

SKU EFL-PowerInOutAdapter
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The EcoFlow Power Input/Output Cable is compatible with EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra, Smart Home Panel 2, and 50 Amp Hub.

-Connect the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2: Easily connect your DELTA Pro Ultra and Smart Home Panel 2 using the Power Input/Output Cable. Unlike other home battery systems, our DELTA Pro Ultra system is easily unplugged and taken off-grid.
-Go Smarter: Once connected to the Smart Home Panel 2, the EcoFlow Power Input/Output Cable lets you take more control of your DELTA Pro Ultra home battery backup system via the
EcoFlow app where you can manage your energy use, battery recharging, and more.
-Charge Your EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra: Connect to the Smart Home Panel 2 and recharge your DELTA Pro Ultra with an AC input of 7200W.
-Connect the EcoFlow 50 Amp Hub: Link 2 × DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter with the 50 Amp Hub using this cable.

Length: 7.1 ft (2.2 m)

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