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Lithionics ION-GEN 51V 6,500W Alternator

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With recent developments in efficient lithium-powered house power in motive applications, there is an ever increasing need to support the power levels of high-power consumables.

Such consumable examples are 120V AC Inverter-Chargers and Air Conditioning units. One way of reducing the overall system cost is to employ high-power fast charging from the vehicle’s main engine, which allows a smaller lithium house battery to be more effective as well as supplementing high-power devices.

Traditional high output 12V alternators are only capable of around 250A or 3,000W output since they derate heavily with the high currents involved, which are further made worse by engine bay temperatures. Additionally, the cable size to support such high amperages have additional losses, critical installation processes, high cost and weight. The solution is to increase the voltage by a factor of four to 48V, which reduces heat generating currents by four-fold.

  • Voltage = Current x Resistance. Therefore, 4x voltage = 1/4 current
    • Power = Current² x Resistance. Therefore, 1/4 current = 1/16 power dissipation
      • Lower power dissipation = Smaller wires, smaller connectors, less weight
        • Smaller wires, smaller connectors, less weight = lower BOM cost, less wear, better fuel efficiency
          • (snowball effect of performance improvements and cost reductions)

Typical Issues with Traditional Auxiliary Alternators:

  • Underpowered, struggling to support modern hotel loads, less reliable diode bridge rectifiers.
  • Limited power output curve “sweet spot”, compromising idle power for cruise power or vice versa.
  • Less available idle-power from 4-cylinder turbo diesel engines common in modern, more fuel-efficient RVs.

BSG-N62-6R Advantages:

  • Higher Efficiency (95% vs. 65%):
    • Uses MOSFETs versus diodes for rectification, greatly reducing voltage drop and heat losses.
    • Higher density hairpin stator windings improve efficiency further.
    • Operates at 51V nominal, reducing current and I²R losses while delivering more power.
  • Better Drivability:
    • Inverter technology allows active control of power output based on engine RPM.
    • Reduces power at idle to prevent engine drag and increases it gradually during higher loads for smoother transitions.
    • Dynamically throttles the alternator load/output to not affect engine response dynamics.
  • Simplified Installation
    • The regulator is built-in to the alternator unit.
    • Simplification of interfaces and number of items to be installed.
    • Purpose-built design further maximizes electrical and volumetric efficiency.
  • Optimal Battery Charging:
    • Nothing to program since the Lithionics Battery BMS automatically controls the charging profile.
    • Communicates with the battery management system (BMS) via the CANbus network.
    • Adjusts power output for gentle absorption and safe float charging stages.
    • Extends battery life compared to traditional alternators.
  • Reduced belt wear and “belt slap”
    • Due to the regulator’s ability to quickly adjust its load thousands of times per second, it is able to greatly reduce the negative effects of drivetrain shocks. These shocks are the pulses of acceleration and deceleration throughout the engine combustion cycle, which typically result in premature belt-wear and other NVH issues.
    • Drivetrain shock issues are typically evidenced by:
      • Excessive movement of the belt called “belt slap”
      • Audible noise such as clicking and squealing of the belt.
      • Belt “dusting” around the alternator’s pulley due to excessive wear
Overall, the BSG-N62-6R offers significant improvements over traditional alternators, providing higher efficiency, better drivability, optimal battery charging, longer service life, while also simplifying installation and parts count. 

The Mercedes Benz 2023 Sprinter has specific requirements that the alternator design must abide by. Without meeting these requirements, Mercedes Benz will not approve its installation and thus will not support the engine’s warranty.
  • Must mount via the OE “N62” option auxiliary alternator bracket.
  • 16.1lbs maximum weight
  • 50mm O.D., 6-groove, freewheeling pulley
  • Must use Mercedes OE Belt: MB #A000 993 58 00 Stretch fit.
    • The specific belt requirement is what further requires the position of the alternators pulley axis so that the belt will fit with the correct amount of tension.
    • The placement of the pulley axis further requires that the diameter of the alternator’s housing to be very compact compared to typical alternators on the market.

Power Output profile

  • The power output profile has been tuned as a result of tens of thousands of datalogged miles while developing the alternator. Power is limited at lower RPMs as a result of the limitations of the accessory belt traction to the pulley.
  • At idle, current is 40A x 54.4V = 2,176W
  • At cruise, current is 120A x 54.4V = 6,528W

Drivability Improvements

  • Whenever a large load is added to an engine by an auxiliary alternator, drivability quality can be compromised. Examples of drivability quality issues are a delayed throttle response from engine, slow or rough shifting, and limited power from a stop - especially on inclined surfaces.
  • In addition to the power output profile above, the ramp-in and ramp-out rate of outputting current was tuned so that drivability was not affected. This is done by monitoring the alternator RPM acceleration and deceleration rates and adjusting the current ramping. The result is that the BSG-N62-6R dynamically throttles its load and output to ensure that OE drivability is not affected.

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