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REDARC 12A Trailer Battery Charger - BCDC1212T

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The REDARC BCDC1212T 12A trailer battery charger is designed to charge your auxiliary trailer battery to 100% state of charge while on the move.*

*large capacity battery banks may require a few cycles to fully charge.   

Charges your auxiliary battery on the go with DC (alternator).

Works with all battery types, including lithium.

Install anywhere: heat, water, dust and vibration proof.

Maximize battery life.

Suitable for both 12v or 24v vehicles.

Overcomes voltage drop caused by long cable runs.

Charge your trailer batteries with this 12amp dump trailer charger from REDARC.

Connecting directly to the trailer plug, the BCDC1212T provides 3-stage battery charging for optimum battery charge, protecting the truck's start battery from discharge while charging the auxiliary battery responsible for operating winches, hydraulic pumps, dump trailers, liftgates and boat trailers.

Perfect for charging tipper trailer battery and liftgate charging.

This dump trailer charger is compatible with all battery makes and chemistries, including Standard Lead-Acid, Calcium, Gel, AGM and Lithium LiFeP04. 

It operates in a 12- or 24-volt vehicle and is 12 Amp input current limited to charge your secondary battery banks to 100% state of charge while on the move.*

*large capacity battery banks may require a few cycles to fully charge.

Easily installed in the trailer's nose cone

The BCDC1212T ensures little to no mains charging is required for your trailer battery, meaning you can charge the trailer battery while you drive and reduce the need to plug into the socket to top-up battery charge.

The BCDC1212T comes pre-wired with wiring harness allowing easy installation into any typical trailer battery setup, or other trailers where the secondary battery’s charging current is drawn from the 12V Auxiliary Power available on a pre-installed, suitably rated, trailer plug and towing harness. 


Input Voltage 9 – 32 V
Output Voltage 12v
Maximum Charging Voltage 15.3V
Country of Manufacture Australia
Output Power 147 (12v vehicle | 294 (24v vehicle)
Input Fuse Rating 15 A – 23 A (FK23 recommended, not supplied
Output Fuse Rating 30A (FK30 recommended, not supplied)
Length (in) 6.5” (165 mm)
Width (in) 4.7” (120 mm)
Height (in) 1.5” (37 mm)
Warranty 2 years
Weight (lb) 30 oz (0.85 kg)
Standby Current Draw <8mA

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