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Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 & 100/50

SKU SCC020050200
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BlueSolar MPPT solar chargers gather energy from your solar panels and store it in your batteries. Using ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, BlueSolar MPPTs are constantly monitoring the voltage and current output of your solar (PV) panel and making instantaneous adjustments to optimize solar performance. This is particularly helpful in less-ideal but real-life conditions such as cloudy or hot days and low light in the morning or evening. BlueSolar safely and intelligently drives your battery bank to a full state of charge in the shortest amount of time possible, protecting and extending the life of your battery. 

  • MaximumPower Point Tracking (MPPT), outperforming a PWM charge controller by up to 30% and a slower MPPT solar charger by up to 10%. 
  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Detection to maximize charging even when panels are in partial shade.
  • Outstanding efficiency (exceeding 98%) and full output current up to 104°F.
  • Automatic battery voltage recognition.
  • Eight preprogrammed algorithms, selectable with a rotary switch (see manual for details), or manually set charge parameters to the specifications of your exact battery.
  • Over temperature protection and power derating when the temperature is high, as well as PV short circuit and PV reverse polarity/PV reverse current protection.

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